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Risk Management / Insurance Management

Since 1998, arranged reinsurance around the globe including more than 30 airlines with a collective business portfolio of more than 55 billion USD of sum insured.

During these years we have added professionals in the field of aviation to reach more than 250 years of accumulated team experience and have developed unique packages to serve the industry primarily our Risk Management and Insurance Management Product (ASRA® - Aviation Safety Risk Assessment Management).

With the Airline

Aphrodite assists Airlines to enhance their Risk Management as a fundamental business process in several aspects:

Safety Management System (SMS)
Quality Management System (QMS)
Flight Data Analysis through our unique ASRA® program
Creating in-house safety measures and insurance awareness
We also provide Risk Management plans to other operational departments

With Insurers

Aphrodite is a well-known Aviation Risk / Insurance Manager to the Lloyd's market as well as various overseas markets. We work with the Airline and his Insurer to assist the following:

Airline profiling and marketing
Risk negotiation and placement assistance
Claims management



Aphrodite strengthens presence in the Middle East and North Africa

Founders of Aphrodite Management AG in Switzerland decided to launch arb (Aphrodite Reinsurance Broker - arb) with the intention to be a major player in the region’s re-insurance sector… arb will focus on proportional, non-proportional, risks attaching basis, losses occurring basis, claims-made basis for all insurance types.


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